Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't Be Explained Only Experienced (round 2)

Well, our Mr. John has started his "telecare ministry." He called twice today. The first voice message he left today was with the Senior Elders office. He stated that he needed to speak to someone regarding his membership and getting some help with spirtiual deliverence. He said it was serious and someone needed to call him back soon.

A few minutes later he left a second voice message. This message was left on Officer Dan's extension. In this voice message he called Officer Dan a "hick house nigger." He stated: "the war is not over and you are probably @#$%ing Pastor Ron."

At what point would you decide enough is enough?


  1. He needs some deliverance alright!!

  2. Yes some serious deliverance. He NEEDS JESUS!! Not sure what I would do. Part of me says Officer Dan could probably file harassment charges and part of em says this man needs some serious love and patience. Usually when I have 2 seemingly conflicting thoughts like that they are both in order. Love is not always all mushy and sweet. Sometimes it's tough. I know from experience.