Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Enemy Within (originally posted by Nomad)

Yet another terror attack that will more than likely go unanswered in the name of Political Correctness. A Muslim soldier calmly fired over 50 shots while reciting, "Allahu Akbar" into a crowded room of American Soldiers who were getting set to deploy and still we refuse to identify the motive for this shooting as a religious hate crime. President Obama recently met with the FBI director and they are still emphasizing that the motive for this act of terror is unclear. Taking the fact that he methodically shot over 40 people, killing 13 of our fine heroes while calming saying God is Great there can be no other motive than Jihad. We should aggressively hunt down his support network and permanently shut them down. Instead, the Military command will more than likely develop programs that will aim to make people like this mass murderer feel more comfortable in the military. The issue will most likely become the way this terrorist was made to feel by the other soldiers, some of whom did their part and turned him in because of his suspicious actions, instead of the fact that he was committed to Jihad and actively sought to destroy America from within.

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