Saturday, January 23, 2010



WEB SPINNING STRATEGIES The individual, operating under the jezebel spirit, begins to secretly spin her web by winning the trust and confidence of those she wants to control. She works undercover and does not want to be exposed. Once acceptance is established, she begins to use truth, seasoned with well placed lies, to clandestinely spin a web of deception and entanglement. Clever methods induce fear in others. She then draws power and authority from their fear. Such individuals have mastered a sophisticated ability to manipulate and control without physical force. A jezebel:

• May appear loyal and might volunteer for special service.
• Seeks teaching/leadership positions to gain position in organizations.
• Probes people’s character to locate weak areas and identify breaches that she can exploit.
• Exaggerate her own problems to flush out others.
• Betrays leadership through knowledge of their personal lives and blackmails them into compromise.
• Uses either truth or lies to destroy reputations.
• Uses or asserts another’s authority.
• Gains power by making political alliances, often in a seemingly submissive and demeaning manner.
• Wears individuals down to usurp their authority.
• Labels God’s prophets as false prophets.
• Orchestrates highs and lows in self and those she manipulates.
• Builds up and then tears down; stirs up or pacifies; is very positive or very negative depending on the situation.
• May be loud and bold, or quiet and cunning, depending on situation.
• Works friends against friends and destroys relationships.
• Mingles truth with lies and occasionally contradicts self - when challenged claims to have been misunderstood.
• Changes opinions according to situation and will compromise when necessary.
• Often manipulates several at one time. • Plays one person/group against another.
• Will enlist false witnesses to testify against others.
• Talks and pulls strings behind people’s backs.
• Undermines self worth and confidence in others.
• Will attack anyone who gets between her, her goals, and those she controls.
• Sets people up and springs ambushes/traps.
• Sometimes pretends submission to gain a strategic advantage.
• Stimulates, seduces, entices, persuades, provokes, sets up, stirs up.
• Uses masculine/feminine charms which are deceitful or enticing to manipulate or sexually harass.
• Dramatic and freely uses emotions to advantage.
• May use silent treatment at times or pout.
• Becomes rejected and depressed to gain an advantage.
• May repent verbally, but not from the heart.
• Those around her never know how to take her.
• Presumes God will not judge them–the fear of the Lord is absent–opening the door to their own destruction.
• When two people under the jezebel spirit are together, they usually contend with each other unless it is to their advantage to form an alliance to attain personal goals.

RESPONSE Be compassionate toward people operating under the influence of jezebel, do practical acts of love and kindness as the Lord directs, pray for their eyes to be opened, and for strength to enable them to stand against this spirit and repent. But have no mercy, no compromise or sympathy toward the jezebel spirit itself. Do not tolerate the spirit of jezebel in any way!


  1. Now I understand, this completely describes some of my old girlfriends from a looooong time ago! lol, Crazy but true.

  2. Let’s not forget they can not operate with out an AHAB, Ahabs tolerate, (passive man or woman who doesn't like confrontation, etc.) They usually seek these folks out and position their selves next to them. The nature of Ahab is to have a title of "husband" and a position "head" but doesn't exercise spiritual authority. Who are the Jezzies...Wives, husbands, assistants, etc. Control is what they SEEK and AUTHORITY is their GOAL! They will try to CONTROL those they have NO authority over...Beware, they will TAKE your AUTHORITY (position)....They must be taken out, of course in LOVE:

  3. I understand that I am dealing with a girlfriend that is being controlled to a great extent by a jezebel spirit, however the question for me is, how much actual free will does the actual person have, my girlfriend has said things like "its not me talking, or I would never do that, and " someone is controlling me with a computer", even so far as to blame me for what she has done saying" your the one programing me to do sick things" A path of destruction and waste of both time and money and love has been the result, I need to fast and pray as soon as possible for her but its hard surviving her attacks without great hurt to my heart.